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Ship Details
Nationality Type Builder Yard Number Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Motto Complement   
British A Class destroyer J. Brown, Clydebank, UK 525 6 March 1928 13 August 1928 8 August 1929 11 February 1930 Memores majoris : 'Remember your ancestors' 138 (higher at the time of sinking)  
Standard Full Load   
1.350 tons 1.765 tons
95,1 m (312') 98,5 m (323') 9,8 m (32,25') 2,6 m (8,5')
Length (Waterline) Length (Overall) Beam Draft   
Main Battery Anti-Aircraft Torpedoes Anti-Surface
4 x 4,7" (120 mm)/45 cal QF MkIX (4x1) design 2 x 40,5 mm (2pdr) MkII (2 x 1) 8 x 0,5"/62 cal MG MkIII (2 x 4) design. Replaced by 6 x 20 mm/65 cal Oerlikon MkV (single and twin mounts) 1 x 76 mm (12pdr) QF HA MkI added during wartime 8 x 533 mm (21") (2 x 4) 1 ATW Hedgehog 24 round mortar 2 racks for Mk.VIII 300 lb cannister depth charges
Air Search Surface Search Sonars
Type 291 Air Warning Radar (1944) Type 123A Asdic with Electric Gyro Compass Type 271 P/Q Radars Type 86TBS aerials Type 127 "Sword" depth detector
Boilers Turbines Shafts Horsepower Endurance Speed Oil Bunkerage
3 Admiralty 3 drum type 2 geared steam same as builder 2 34.000 shp 5.400 NM at 15 knots 35 Knots 400 tons
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