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Events for 2012

Please note that all events listed below are organised by the GLARAC association. The calendar of events listed below gives an idea of the events that the association organise each year. Dates and times will be published as soon as they become available.

For more details check out www.glarac.co.uk


Sunday 22nd April - Martindale, Cumbria - The GLARAC association join the FAA Pilot’s Association at a Service of Remembrance at St Peter’s Church, Martindale Cumbria. After the Service there is a small buffet in the nearby Howtown Hotel.


Friday 8th June

11.30am - The National Arboretum Alrewas, Nr. Burton-on-Trent - A Service of Remembrance is held each year. It is also a chance for attendees to visit the GLARAC Association memorial, and to see the progress of the tree planted as a sapling by Glorious survivor, the late Mr Ronald Dowle on 8th June 2005.

Annual Memorial Weekend, Plymouth

7.30pm - There is a social evening in a private function room of the Plymouth Holiday Inn, close to the Hoe. There will be a late bar but no buffet.

Saturday 9th June

9.30am - The AGM will be held in a conference room at the Plymouth Holiday Inn.

4.30pm - An informal gathering at the Naval Memorial on the Hoe.

7.30pm - There is a social evening in a private function room of the Plymouth Holiday Inn, close to the Hoe. Again, there will be a late bar but no buffet.

Sunday 10th June

10:00 - 10:30am - Arrival at HMS DRAKE, for church and memorial service.

10:30 - 12:00am - Normal Sunday Communion service at St Nicholas’ Anglican Church, led by the RN Chaplain.

12:00am - 3 Ships Memorial Service: We will gather by our memorial plaque and a short service of remembrance led by the RN Chaplain will be held. The Last Post will be sounded by a Royal Marine Bugler. Following this, wreaths from both the GLARAC Association and personal will be laid before the memorial.

12.30 - 2.30pm - The GLARAC Association will adjourn to the Warrant Officers and Senior Rates Mess, adjacent the church for a social gathering, which includes a buffet, paid out of Association funds.

NOTE: People wishing to attend only the Sunday Service and after refreshments, need to provide the GLARAC Association Secretary (see below) with the names of those in their party and also their vehicle details. Without this people will not be admitted to HMS Drake, which is an operational HM Naval Base. Please just don't turn up on the day and expect to get in!

GLARAC Association Secretary - George Lowdon, 44 Harrison Road, Howdon on Tyne, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear NE28 0NE. Tel: 0191 262 7878 Email: secretary@glarac.org


Sunday 11th November - London

Cenotaph Parade London. Wreathes will also be laid at various venues around the UK on behalf of the GLARAC association, including Portsmouth and Plymouth.




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