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HMS Acasta Crew List HMS Acasta was sunk on the 8th June 1940 with the loss of 160 men. There was only one survivor, Cyril 'Nick' Carter. To obtain a PDF of the casualty list please click here Below is a list in alphabetical order, based on surname, for each of the crew. Click on the name for further information about that individual. If you would like to have a personal tribute placed on a crew members page, or if anybody can provide more details, pictures or documents about a crew member then please contact the site
ALLEN William Ernest ANDREWS George Ernest APLIN William Harold BARNES Percival George Stanley BARNES Walter James BARNETT Frederick John BECK Harry John BELL Stanley Walter James BLACKAH Gilbert BLACKSHAW John Charles BLAKER Richard BONSEY Richard John BOWER Ronald BOYLAND Frank James BROOKS Charles Frederick BROWN Henry BROWN Norman BROWN William BRYANT Leslie James William BURKE Robert Lees BURNETT Donald Brian BURT Charles Frederick CARTER Cyril Gardener CHARD William Arthur CLARK Edwin James CLARKE Henry Edward CLARKE Walter Edward COLLINS William Edward COOK James Aubrey CORNISH Leslie James COULL George COWIE William CRABTREE Alva DANIELS Harold Albert Joseph DAVIDSON Kenneth Henry James DEW Geoffrey DOBSON Jack DONOVAN William DYER Cecil George EDWARDS George Frederick EDWARDS Walter Thomas ELSEY Archibald Frederick Edwin EMERY Leonard FARR Harry David Joseph FELTON George Francis FENNELL Frederick George FLEMING John FROST George FRYER James Daniel GARDINER Reginald Walter GATLAND George Edward GITSHAM William Alfred GLANVILL Charles Bernard GLASFURD Charles Eric GORSUCH William Vernon GREEN Harold GREEN Harry Walter GREY Terence Edward William GRICE John Francis GUY William Terry Winter HANSFORD John Alfred HAWKINS George Butler HAYDOCK Stanley Learmonth HEDLEY Arthur E HELBREN Charles Thomas HELYER Frederick George HIBBERT Clifford HIDE John Henderson HOARE Albert John HOBBS William Charles INESON Frederick ISHERWOOD Frank JOHNSON Thomas Percival JONES Edward Christopher JONES Frederick William Benjamin KELLY John Anderson KIERNAN Francis Augustin KNIPE Harold Augustus KOYCE Patrick John  
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LAW Reginald James Duncan LEAH Stanley LEGGE George Thomas LEWIS William Murray LEWRY Albert David LIGHTWOOD Thomas LINFORD Charles Fred John MALLAM Robinson Routledge MARSHALL Rupert Edgar MARTIN Thomas McCULLEN Vincent McCULLOUGH John Edward McKEE John Alexander MEEK Albert MERRIKEN John Thomas MILES Reginald Cecil MILLER Laurence Victor MILLS Frederick Richard MILLWATER Stanley MOONEY Leslie MOORE David Gardiner MORAN Hugh MOUATT Herbert David MULLINS Alan NATTRASS Kenneth Allan NICHOLLS Fernely Edward OLD Walter Ernest Johnson OLIVER Archibald Smith OLIVER William Frederick ORCHARD George Charles PAFFETT William Henry PARSONS Harry Redford PARTRIDGE Fred Ernest PASSELLS Sidney Herbert PATON Daniel Coull PAYNE Reginald Charles PEEL John Hamilton PERT Bruce Young POORE Herbert George PRATT Herbert Henry PRIDE Denis Hilton PRITCHARD Frederick Charles James ROBERTS Charles ROBERTS Ernest George ROBINSON Charles Francis Surtees ROBINSON Ernest RUSLING Arthur SAMSON Robert SCOWEN Cyril William SCROXTON Albert William SEAMER Alec Victor SENTENCE Matthew Samuel SHARPE Alexander SHIELDS Thomas SIMPSON Frederick SMITH Nathan William SMITH Stanley Reginald SMITH William Craig SMYTH George STAMMERS Herbert John STEWART Alexander STEWART George Duncan STUBBINGS William SUTTON Frederick Rowland TAVENDER Philip THIRTLE John THOMPSON Thomas WALKER Percy Archibald WALLACE Douglas WATSON George Benjamin WATSON John Clark Longmuir WATSON William WHITBREAD Jack Mystol Heyes WHITE Alfred Gerald WILDIN Alec George WILLIAMS Thomas WILLIAMS William WOOD Ernest William WREN Ronald WRIGGLESWORTH Walter James Wilfred YOUNG Charles Herbert YOUNG George
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